Stormy Weather & The Skeletons Museum #16

It’s definitely a really sad feeling when you wake up and know that there’s only one more sleep left of the most incredible holiday you’ve ever experienced. It was even more sad when that specific day was overcast and gloomy.

Just in case you haven’t seen them yet, there’s another fifteen blog posts from our trip to Orlando. They cover everything we did during our holiday including trips to SeaWorld, Universal Orlando Resort and Disney. Please do check them out or you can watch the videos from the Orlando playlist.

We started our last full day in Orlando with a trip to the world’s largest McDonald’s. It is within walking distance of Wyndham Orlando Resort which is where we’d been staying for our last few nights. 

Hubby was desperate to visit this McDonald’s, if you’ve been a long time reader of my blog you’ll know that we love a Maccy D’s. It was so unreal! There’s a games arcade inside and even a soft play! 

Everyone was feeling pretty exhausted. We decided to head to Universal Orlando CityWalk for the Universal Cinemark cinema. The brand new The Secret Life Of Pets 2 came out the day before, so it felt silly not to go and watch it in an American cinema for the first time.

My Mum treated the girls to the cutest popcorn boxes with a drink. It was a weird experience, you buy a ticket and can sit wherever you want. All of the seats were recliners and felt super luxurious. I am so glad we got to experience that for the first time. I ended up falling asleep during 90% of the film, but the girls really enjoyed it.

It felt a little bit bittersweet being back in Universal for one last time, we hadn’t planned to go so it sort of pulled on my heart strings a little. Just like when we left a week ago.

We had wanted to ride the The Wheel at ICON Park but due to the stormy weather, they had shut the wheel for safety. Instead, we decided to pop into the SKELETONS Museum of Osteology.

SKELETONS is a small indoor attraction with 500 real animal skeletons. I thought this may be a little creepy to go into a museum full of skeletons. The entrance costs around $20 each.

The staff were super friendly and welcoming, like everywhere you go in America actually. They gave the girls Scavenger Hunt sheets to help them explore the museum.

There is over 40 exhibits to explore. The museum is set out so that you can go round in a loop. This is great in figuring out if you’ve missed anything. Each animal skeletons is labelled with information on that specific animal.

I found it incredible to see how interested the girls were. They really loved it. There was a tortoise (or turtle) that had been caught inside a beer packaging ring, then the shell had grown until it was too tight.

I probably should note here that all the skeletons that are in this museum are there after dying naturally. The museum has a special facilities where they use flesh eating beetles to clean up the skeletons. It’s all very fascinating actually.

Whilst we spent our afternoon in the SKELETONS Museum, the weather had become much more stormy and the rain was horrendous. We ended up going back through the museum one last time before venturing into the rain for the short walk back to the hotel.

On our walk home we popped into a gift shop. We all needed to get some last minute gifts for family and friends. You can see our full day in our day in the life video below.

I spent the rest of our evening packing our suitcases. The worst part of any of our holidays, no matter how long, for me is the last night. Knowing you may never see or experience it again. But there’s also an excitement to get home and snuggle in your own bed.

We managed to get the girls to bed at a half decent time ready for our travel day. Please don’t forget to watch the video below. I can’t believe I’m finally at the end of our Orlando content.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

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