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I loved reading as a child, I still love reading now, and I’m a strong believe in having something physical to read rather than a digital copy of something. As a toddler, P1 loved books but as she’s getting bigger and learning to read by herself I have seen that love deteriorate. I think I have been focusing so much on her being able to read herself, that I’ve forgotten to help her enjoy books too and read them to the girls more.


Storytime Magazine is a magazine dedicated to the actual story. There’s no additional toy or adverts inside to distract. It’s simply a really well made magazine full to the brim with classic stories. It doesn’t feel like a magazine though, it feels like a proper book as the pages are thicker than a magazine usually would be.

The Storytime Magazines are certainly a magazine that has to be read by an adult or an advanced reader as each story is pretty long. The pictures are bold and bright. The magazine costs £4 an issue but there’s some great offers if you subscribe online.



I gave P2 and P3 this book before P1 got a look in. Immediately P2 was making up her own story just by looking at the illustrations. P3 began to babble away as she flicked through the pages. When P1 got home and I showed her she was excited for bedtime so that we could read our first story. Like I said, they are quite long, but I think when you spend some extra time with a book you are really promoting reading and capturing your child’s imaginations.

We are trying to fit in more reading at bedtimes and so far having the Storytime Magazine has really helped promote these plans. I think they are really worth the money and would make a brilliant gift for a young child to receive a subscription.



Storytime Magazine

Value For Money

Fun and educational

A magazine packed with only stories. Fantastic for older children or great as a bedtime bonding session. Bright pictures and very engaging.

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