Strawberry Picking As A Family

Our weekdays are so busy with one of the girls doing various activities or blog events, friends and playgroups. It’s hard to keep track of things and so when it comes to the weekend my head is telling me to spend it in my pyjamas doing absolutely nothing. But actually our weekends are precious because apart from the couple of hours each evening, it’s the only time we get to be together as our full family.

strawberry picking 1

This weekend, after bugging at hubby for a week or so, we finally headed to a Stonepitts Farm to go strawberry picking. I don’t know why I wanted to go because I don’t actually like strawberries. I think it was the blogger side of me wanting to capture some cute pictures of the girls amongst the strawberry bushes. The girls were really excited about the trip, P2 especially as she is a big lover of berry fruits.

strawberry picking 2

We were really lucky with the weather, it was sunny and warm but quite windy. The girls each had a punnet each to fill and we explained they could only pick the really red strawberries. They went racing down the aisles of strawberry bushes trying to find all the red ones. P3 even got involved with the help of hubby. There was only about two other people there so it was so peaceful and it didn’t matter when the girls are a couple of the strawberries.

strawberry 4

Hubby took P1 and P2 off to pick some raspberries whilst P3 had a tantrum. Her tantrums are becoming quite unbearable lately which is fun, not, but she was soon distracted by a punnet of strawberries and I was able to get some lovely photos of her looking all innocent. I’m so glad we went strawberry picking, it was a very quick little trip but it seemed to mean a lot to everyone. Spending time doing something completely different to our usual life. It was fun!

strawberry 6

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  1. How lovely! strawberry picking is on my list of things to do with the kids x

  2. Lovely pictures. I used to love going strawberry picking with my family when I was a child. Thanks for the lovely post. It’s reminding me I must take my daughter as she loves strawberries and it would be something nice and different to do.

  3. our little ones love love love strawberry picking, it is done every week at their grandparents!

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