Strawberry Picking & Father’s Day

We are definitely not a family that makes a big deal of things like Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. For us, it’s just like any other day with chores and mouths to feed. But for some reason this Father’s Day was so much better than previous ones.

Two of the girls had made bits for Hubby at school. P3’s nursery disappointingly didn’t do anything even though they make the effort for Mother’s Day. We hadn’t bought any presents and Hubby doesn’t eat breakfast at proper breakfast time so the morning was quite simple in that respect.

Hubby had decided he’d like to come to church with us. If you don’t follow me on social media then you may not know, but I’ve started to go to church every Sunday with the girls. Hubby isn’t religious so he usually stays at home but randomly he decided to come with us. The girls were so excited to show Daddy the cut through in the woods and this was a perfect opportunity to grab some photos of him with the girls.

Straight from church we went to do some strawberry picking. Our first of the season. The girls always love this activity and the weather was holding out for us thankfully. The next lot of photos are from our strawberry picking adventures so keep scrolling down through them!

Just over £13 worth of strawberries, lots of eaten ones and a toilet stop in a bush later, we headed back to the playground area near the church. Hubby wanted to let the girls ride their scooters and balance bike in the skate park nearby. We’ve done this once before but the girls seemed to have no memory of this.

The clouds began to go a bit grey, so we headed for the car to go home for some lunch. P2 then asked so sweetly for a McDonald’s lunch. Seeing as it was Father’s Day, a treat day, Hubby could not refuse so off we went. Everyone had worked up an appetite so it went down well all round. Following lunch we took a browse around Halford and Pets At Home.

At this point it felt like it could be nearly bedtime but it was just after 2pm. Our afternoon was really lovely and chilled from when we got home. The girls bickered as usual, I slumped on the sofa to edit photos and Hubby researched more random stuff for the garden and house. Then as a family we continued our project for a cat hotel.

I love days like this one. It makes me feel so content with my little family. I hope that Hubby had a brilliant Father’s Day. I know I enjoyed his day. Check out my video below and please don’t forget to head over there to subscribe.

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  1. What a lovely Father’s day. We haven’t been strawberry picking yet this year!

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