Strawberry Picking In A Pandemic

I haven’t had the chance to write about the fact Freya has now returned to school. We did film a video though and Freya did a fantastic job at describing her experiences of being back to school

Something we do every year is go strawberry picking at a local Pick Your Own at Stonepitts Farm. I was a bit sad that we might miss it due to the pandemic, but thankfully they’ve been able to open.

Stonepitts have put in safety measures including limiting the amount of visitors at one time, a socially distanced checkout area and contactless payment.

This happened to be the first family trip we’d been on for twelve weeks. An incredibly long time to be tucked away indoors. It felt glorious to be in the sunshine and doing something normal and familiar to us.

We came away with three punnets full of delicious, juicy strawberries and we are looking forward to our next visit.

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