Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

I’ve cried tonight. It’s amazing how the human body reacts to certain things. I read a blog post tonight about a lady going through one of my biggest fears.

Cot death. Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Just writing those words makes me want to cry my eyes out, hold my daughters close.

I like to know I can protect them from things – I know I can’t prevent everything, but at least I’m there to pick up the pieces and give them cuddles. With SIDS there’s absolutely nothing anybody can do and that terrifies me!

I absolutely cannot imagine, and don’t particularly want to, waking up after a full nights sleep thinking “wow P2 has slept through” only to find out that my little girls isn’t breathing anymore.

It was always at the front of my mind with P1, but as she got older I began to forget, naively thinking that it couldn’t happen to her now. In reality, it could, it could happen at any time, any age.

With P2 the only thing I’m probably doing to prevent cot death is have her sleeping on her back. I’m guilty of falling asleep with her in my arms on the sofa, I’m guilty of falling asleep with her in my bed, I’m guilty of her sleeping on her side whilst she nuzzles my boob, I’m guilty of not using a dummy to soothe her at night and I’m totally guilty of her sleeping under the duvet with her head the only part uncovered.

Ok I don’t drink, I don’t smoke, I make sure she’s not too hot or cold, I sleep with the Moses basket next to the bed so she can’t roll off onto the floor, I never sleep with her between my OH and me, and in all honesty she hasn’t been in our bed during the night for well over a week maybe even two now!

So many people and websites contradict themselves it’s hard to know exactly what will prevent cot death.

I pray every night for our daughters to be safe, healthy and grow up to be wonderful women. That’s all I can do really because as a parent we have to accept that we can’t prevent cot death… We just have to pray!

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