Sudocrem Care and Protect Review

There’s no doubt about it, Thomas Smith is a genius. For those of you who don’t know who Thomas Smith is, he’s the creator of Sudocrem.

Since having P1 Sudocrem has been my go to cream for nappy rash. I’ve also found the cream outstanding for spots and my bright red nose that I get during a cold.

I jumped at the chance to review their new and not even released product, Sudocrem Care & Protect.
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It arrived when P2 was actually suffering from a teething-sore bum. The cream was just like any other cream, white and silky. When I put it over her bottom it rubbed in. I was amazed because the usual, normal Sudocrem stays thick and white over things for so long!

When I next went to change her bottom the redness had gone. In about two hours she’d gone from bright red to her lovely peachy bottom. Plus her skin was so soft to touch. Just like a babies bottom…

I’ve used the cream religiously for a week now as it is meant to help prevent nappy rash as well as treat it, and it really does!! She hasn’t had a sore bum all week which has been fantastic to the both of us.
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I have to admit that I do think the prices are a little steep for the size of the tubes; 30g @ £3.99, 40g @ £4.99 and a 50g tube for £5.99. But the results are really amazing so I’d probably buy it. It doesn’t leave as much mess as the original Sudocrem which is a great bonus and with us using cloth nappies with fleece liners, the new Care & Protect cream washes off better.

Sudocrem have not failed us yet!!

(This product was sent to us free of charge by Sudocrem for the purpose of this review. The opinions are of my own.)

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Value for money

Must have in your changing bag

Sudocrem is always our go to for nappy rash and I am thrilled they invented a cream to protect as well as heal the bottom!

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  1. does this work for acne aswell, because i know the original one does but i tried this thinking it was the same thing but its horribly oily

  2. Still not sure I’d risk a barrier cream on our cloth nappies, though my boys have never had nappy rash except once when first was in sposies for a week on holiday, so I’ve not needed to reach for cream yet.

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