A Summer Play Date

I have a small group of friends over here in Kent. This is something completely alien to me though and I am still learning all the etiquette of friendships and play dates because since I left school and had P1, I found all of my friends to disappear and I was quite happy being alone. But in the past few months I have really enjoyed having people I can talk to day in and day out. Share experiences and have a rant about things, mainly the car!

This summer I wanted to make more of an effort to actually arrange to see my friends outside of the playgroups we attend. I really struggle with social situations at the best of times and have always just left it to the other person to arrange things but it’s definitely time for me to up my game a little bit. I’ve already been texting more, going to the park more and even having play dates.

summer play date

Last Monday we visited a friend of mine who is pregnant with her second baby. Nearly everyone I have made connections with are older than me which is probably quite easy considering I’m in my early twenties. The age difference sometimes makes me feel a little immature or I struggle to relate to people. But this friend of mine is just so easy to chat to and I enjoy spending time with her which probably sounds a little awkward!

We actually went on an adventure to her house. The girls wanted to take donuts to their little friend so we popped into Tesco on the walk there. I’ve not been to my friends house before so I was really excited for the girls to be able to have some garden time and play with some different toys to entertain them. We had such a wonderful day, we ended up spending over four hours there. The girls were allowed to play in the paddling pool, sandpit and my friend made us a really delicious lunch.

It was really nice to have some adult company other than hubby for once. I went home feeling pretty content with life as the sun shone down. It was a little cooler than previous days but still completely enjoyable. That day has really made me realise how much I crave to have a garden of our own but also a slightly bigger home too which beautiful bits and bobs on shelves. My friend’s house is stunning if you hadn’t guessed.

I have now arranged a few more play dates and am feeling thankful for the people I have in my life now. I didn’t realise how much I actually needed friendships until recently.

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  1. I’m missing some friendships. Lots of my friends have moved away etc. It’s hard isn’t it. Glad you’ve started socialising outside of playgroups x

  2. So important to have play dates I think…and sometimes you just have to be the one to arrange things. I used to sit back and wait but now I am usually the one arranging stuff!

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