My Sunday Photo 2016 – #11/52

This week has been an odd one. It’s been taken up by a lot of walking and it feels like that has consumed us. Not having a car is a super pain and I owe a lot to several mums at P1s school who have bent over backwards to help us. I am so eternally grateful for their kindness. Today P1 has a swimming party to attend which I’m feeling super nervous about as she can’t swim unaided but I’m sure she’ll be fine.

Today’s My Sunday Photo is one I’ve taken this morning of P1 and P2 eating their breakfast (don’t judge the Nutella sandwich) whilst they watch a film on Netflix. Yesterday we broke our Netflix-virginity after hubby realised we didn’t actually need a tv license, I’m going to write more about this in another post, and so this morning we’ve been getting to grips and making our way around it. So far we love it, so many films to choose from right at our finger tips!

What are you doing this Sunday?



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  1. We love Nutella sandwich for breakfast here too! Yummy and easy to prepare!

    We went to the beach last Sunday as the weather is just so perfect to go out here.


  2. Hope the rest of the day was as good

  3. Ahh! You have to love lazy Sunday mornings….Lovely photo x

  4. We love Netflix in this house, and theres nothing wrong with a Nutella sandwich

    Thank you for linking up

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