My Sunday Photo 2016 – #19/52

Each month we have one night and two nearly full days when there’s just P3 to look after as the other two go to my parents in Essex. Occasionally we arrange for P3 to spend a few hours with her Nannie but more often than not we have two days to focus on P3. Things always feel so incredibly strange on those weekends. She used to be rather emotional on these days and we’d long for the other two to return.

But lately it has been a breath of fresh air. I think P3 is used to spending three mornings alone when her big sisters are both in nursery or school, so this makes the weekends alone much easier for all of us. She is such a complete joy to be around most of the time and this allows me to actually get things done like tidying or blog stuff. Getting out is easier too and so we went on a lovely walk with her yesterday morning. I managed to get some bluebell shots that I will share in a later blog post.

Despite how much calmer life is for two days, I really look forward to the time when P3 is old enough to go on the sleepover too and Hubby and I get some time to ourselves to do whatever we life. Which I definitely think I will choose to stay in bed a few hours longer.



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  1. Aww you both look amazing in teh second photo! That weather is so nice to have a walk outside! #mysundayphoto

  2. Beautiful photos, I love the first one capturing them taking a selfie

    Thank you for linking up

  3. It’s lovely to spend quality time with your children individually and nice to get some shots in the bluebells

  4. Aww… such a lovely photo. Spending time with the little ones is everything. It is so precious. x #MySundayPhoto

  5. How lovely to get some time alone with your youngest. I love your photo.

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