My Sunday Photo 2016 – 5/52

Can you believe that tomorrow we are heading into a new month. The second month of the year!! My little family are poorly pretty much all of us. It started with P3 coming up in a rash and a hospital trip, then hubby and me with high temperatures coughs and aching, P1 and P2 with slightly raised temperatures and rosey cheeks. This photo pretty much sums up our Sunday this week. We are resting our poorly heads as we’ve all got to be better for P2s birthday next weekend.



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  1. Such a cute little face, I really hope you all improve for P2s birthday! Xx

  2. Oh no, I hope you all feel better soon. I currently have a poorly little one too with a temp. It is going around

  3. Awww no. Can’t believe they are all ill. There are so many bugs going around at the mo. Hopefully everyone is better for the birthday x

  4. Sorry you’ve all been feeling so poorly this year. Let’s hope that it’s all out the way and Feb will be much better health wise. We’ve had a quiet Sunday too and a much needed rest.

  5. Hope you’re all feeling better soon. x

  6. Poorly girl 🙁 I hope she feels better soon #MySundayPhoto

  7. Oh no ! Hope she is better soon! My eldest has been poorly all week too! x

  8. Oh no! I hope everyone feels better soon x

  9. Aww no, hope you all feel better soon. We’ve been ill with the cold for the past week or so. Just want it to go away now!

  10. Awr no I hope you all get better soon, we have a ill household too and it is horrible!
    I can’t believe it is almost February already, where does the time go?


  11. Oh no, it’s always rubbish when the whole house has gone down with something, I hope you all feel better soon!

  12. Aww hope she feels better soon!

  13. Hope you all get better soon. I’m the only one that hasn’t got ill in our household at the moment! X

  14. Oh dear, I hope everyone is feeling better for the week ahead

    Thank you for linking up

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