My Sunday Photo 2016 – #7/52

When we found our little house, I did have worries that we would rapidly outgrow it. There was four of us. For some time P1 had the small room and P2 was with us in the big room. After getting advice from a sleep specialist, we moved P1 into the big room to share with her sister and we had the smaller room. Obviously when P3s arrival was imminent we swapped back round but managed to squeeze P1 and P2 into the smaller room. Have I confused you yet? Well that’s how it has stayed for for nearly two years.

But we’ve outgrown it. The girls room is overflowing and they have absolutely no space to play and be children. With P2s sleep much better on a whole and P3 even sleeping incredibly well. We have decided to make the plunge and put all three girls into one room. Giving us a new sanctuary of adult space. It took all afternoon yesterday to move the beds round and plenty of Tetris related activity. 

Today, and the reason this picture is going to be My Sunday Photo, I have got the task of sorting out all the girls toys and giving them a bedroom they can play in. Wish me luck, both on the tidying part and the new bedtime routine I’ve got to figure out!



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  1. Tidying up is always hard especially when its about toys! Goodluck =) #mysundayphoto

  2. Oh gosh! This sounds like a big job! Good luck. x

  3. We’re rapidly outgrowing out two bedroom flat – that said, I ought to have a good toy clearout too! #mysundayphoto

  4. Oh boy this sounds like a mammoth job

    Thank you for linking up

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