My Sunday Photo 2018 – I Had A Piece Of The Beach Inside My Ear

Have you ever taken a shell home from the beach? My girls love to sneak more and more into their pockets in the hope that I won’t catch them. Spending time on the beach is always such an adventure for children.

I remember during one of our many trips to the beach when on holiday on the Isle Of Wight that one of my lovely daughters tipped a bucket of sand over me. I had it everywhere, in my hair, over my face and in my ear. I brushed myself down and carried on our day.

It turns out that on that trip, either 6 months ago or possible 18 months ago, I took a piece of the beach home with me and have carried it this entire time… In my ear!!!

I had some pain after the experience, but that disappeared within a few days and since the incident, I’ve had occasional bouts of discomfort. Recently it had flared up to the point I could barely rest my head on my right side so I finally booked a doctors appointment.

You can imagine my horror when the nurse pulled out this piece of shell from right inside my ear using very long ended tweezers. Honestly I’m still in shock now and definitely think it deserves to be my Sunday Photo this week.

As I’m writing this I am pleased to report that my children are even more noisier than I remember, my ear is slightly painful but will be checked this coming week and I have kept the shell as a souvenir. Honestly the strangest experience of my life!


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  1. Eeekkk that’s not good, glad you’ve got it sorted now.

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