My Sunday Photo 2018 – Preschool Booster Immunisations

My week has gone by with a flash. I swear it was just Monday right? And now it’s a new Monday tomorrow. I have recently been feeling like my life resolves around the school runs, and it really does. Moving forward I need to embrace this school mum life because it’s going to be the way of my life for a long time ahead.

This week, the reason behind my Sunday photo, was P3’s preschool immunisations. It’s a 4-in-1 vaccine; diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough and polio. It’s part of the routine 6-in-1 vaccines that are given to babies. I have always been very pro-vaccinations and this booster with the added MMR, helps to protect my girls against potentially life threatening infections.

Poor P3 has a fear of doctors. Typically we were waiting for over an hour because we went straight from school, then the nurse was late. The bead toys just didn’t crack it, I even resorted to my iPhone with a bit of YouTube Kids to distract.

Of course she cried, all children do! But what shocked me most was the connection that P2 has. We got out of the nurses room and I turned to find P2 with tears rolling down her face. She said she was scared for her sister and didn’t like that it hurt her. I hugged her so close.

Now that is over with, all we have to do is wait for the onset of a fever and illness. All my girls have always been ill exactly a week after their immunisations.


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  1. Aw siblings really are so sweet. Hope she didn’t get too ill afterwards x

  2. Poor P3 and how sweet that P2 was so concerned about seeing her sister upset. Hope that P3 isn’t too unwell afterwards x

  3. Poor girl having a fear of the doctors. Her sister sounds really lovely and caring. #MySundayPhoto

  4. Lovely to see siblings have such love for each other – long may that continue. It is rotten seeing our children suffer even when we are trying to do the best thing for them #MySundayPhoto

  5. Beautiful pictures. I hope she isn’t too poorly.

  6. Beautiful photos, it seems ages ago that my girls had their injections.

    They look the best of friends in the last photo

    Thank you for linking up

  7. Gorgeous little cutie photos. I remember years of school runs both here and overseas so can sympathise. I used to use the time as best I could to help. As for the injections…oh boy been there too. Not nice but I have a healthy 25 and 31 year olds!

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