Sunday Specials

P1 seems to have lost all social skills today. The amount of times she’s been on the naughty step!

We’ve had a day at the MiLs. It’s always nice going there because there’s so many toys for P1 to play with that she can’t physically get bored. Plus it’s been quite decent weather so she’s spent a lot of her day with her 2 year old Uncle G in the garden.
20130519-053701 PM.jpg

20130519-053707 PM.jpg
Then there’s P2, who suddenly has stopped being our tiny newborn and is really really growing far too quickly for my liking. Today, for the first time ever she grabbed one of her toys hanging from her playmat and pulled it towards her mouth. She’s teething at the moment.

Because of the sore gum situation we’ve had to result in giving her a dummy. Something my OH and I certainly didn’t want for her. But it’s happened and it seems to work for now. Only during day naps and when she’s a bit grizzly after a feed.
20130519-053908 PM.jpg

20130519-053914 PM.jpg
Happy Sunday!

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