Surviving a Flight with Young Children: A Guide

Travel is an essential learning tool for everyone, even children. They might not remember their trip to Italy, and they might not appreciate how historically important the Grecian ruins are, but the lessons learned when travelling go so much further than that. Children can learn how to be independent, adventurous, and respectful of other people and other cultures. There is a massive world out there for them to explore, and travelling together as a family can help them stay curious and adventurous throughout their lives. That doesn’t mean, however, that travelling with young children will always be easy. To simply the process and to survive your next flight, try out these steps:

Things to Bring

Children need stimulus to stay entertained and, more importantly, to stay still and quiet. You also need to accommodate their needs and comfort, which is why every travel pack with small children should include:

·         Games and Activities

·         Headphones for Electronics

·         Snacks and Drinks

·         Blankets and Other Comfort Items

Things to Remember

Traveling with small children is not easy, which is why it is important to remember these two main factors:

You Cannot Please Everyone

Some people find young children endearing, others don’t. The more tired people are, the lower their tolerance is for anything but absolutely perfect behaviour. That does not mean, however, that you should try to please everyone. There will be people who find it frustrating that your children are crying because the air pressure has hurt their ears, but they will survive. How other passengers feel should never bar you from going on holiday with your family.

Be Strict and Firm

Though you cannot control every action your child makes, it can be beneficial to set strict rules and give your children the behavioural tools they need to behave. For example, letting your children know in advance what the consequences for kicking the seat in front of them will be, and what the rewards are for behaving. It won’t always work, but the sooner you set these ground rules, the better.

Things to Know

Not everything about a flight will go smoothly. Flights can be delayed or even cancelled, which is why it is important that you know your compensation rights.

Delays are every parent’s worst nightmare. Not only do they mean less time at your destination, you also need to try to keep your children calm and entertained. This could mean buying a dinner you didn’t expect to, or other costs you wouldn’t have paid if your flight had been on time. That is why it is important for every parent travelling within the EU to know their rights. You can get reasonable costs compensated, as well as a fixed fee by filling out a form with FairPlane and taking advantage of your rights. You won’t get the money back right away, so remember to keep all your receipts and to make your claim within six years of the delay.

Your children won’t always behave, and that is okay. Just try better and reinforce the lessons and behaviours that you want. You should never feel barred from going on a family holiday, either, so follow this guide and head online for more information to gain the tools you need to survive your next flight with young children.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

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