Swans Are Swimming

I woke up today feeling fantastic. Ok I’m still bunged up and can barely hear anything but I’m loads better. I managed to stay at my Grandad’s meal for about 15minutes before I got my OH to take me home.

Today, we’ve been to watch P1 have her swimming lesson. Although she’s been in the same group for ages I really think she’s started to do really well. She still needs a lot of help but her strength is certainly improving.
20130525-072822 PM.jpg
We visited a few places to get some ideas for wedding reception venues. I think my OH is getting bored of the amount I talk about weddings. It’s a big day!! I know deep down he’s excited too………
20130525-073024 PM.jpg
P1 went down to feed the ducks with Nanny and all the swans swam over to them. After I filmed the below video I went down to join them. I was terrified, they are a lot bigger than they seem. But luckily quite friendly. P1 got surrounded by them and I was nearly screaming when one came a metre towards me! Kids have no fear!!!!!

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