#SwapYourStroller With SmarTrike

Pregnancy, bad weather and life in general sort of took over and it’s quite hard to believe that we haven’t got the SmarTrike out for nearly a whole year! We are dreadful I know but the weather has improved significantly so we have taken the opportunity to dust P2s SmarTrike Dream 4-in-1 and use it a little more frequently.

We needed to adapt the SmarTrike now that P2 is older. She’s had the back rest and harness removed but we’re not quite ready to adapt it any further as she can barely reach the pedals at the moment bless her. With the touch steering, travel bag and huge shopping bit it makes it a lovely little trike for P2 and very easy for me to push when I baby wear P3.

smarTrike swap your stroller

SmarTrike have launched their new and improved trikes that feature a fully padded recline seat. This is suitable from 10 months making it easier to swap your stroller for a trike as you don’t have to worry about your child falling asleep on journeys.

So now that my SmarTrike is ready, clean and transformed we are ready to take part in the Big Stroller Swap. This week SmarTrike are challenging all SmarTrike users to leave the stroller behind and take your SmarTrikes instead. Keep a watch on my Instagram, Facebook and Twitter this week as I swap my stroller for our SmarTrike.  You can join in to by using the #swapyourstroller hashtag.


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