Sweet Dreamers Ewan The Dream Sheep Review

Regular readers will know that I’m an owner to a toddler that has struggled for 20 months to self-settle so I’ve been trying my hardest not to make the same mistakes with P3. I rarely allow her to fall asleep feeding and will always put her back in the SnuzPod at night.

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In all honesty P3 has been a fantastic sleeper from the start, with the exception of a few nights of pure hell, but I certainly opened my arms up wide to the opportunity of reviewing Ewan The Dream Sheep a few weeks ago.

Ewan is so soft! I could cuddle him all day myself. He is rather big against P3 so I’m thankful that his tail features a useful velcro strap so that he can be hung on the cot, pram or car seat.

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Ewan’s eyes represent little moons and his face is very friendly looking. Inside his body is the battery pack with three little switches – light on/off, demo mode/full mode and loud/quiet. The loud setting is great for when we take him out and about, the quiet setting I think is just a tad bit too loud purely because Ewan pretty much sleeps next to my head with our SnuzPod but at the same time he’s not too loud to have the opposite effect on P3 and disturb.

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Ewan has four tunes, one for each leg, and I think they are cleverly thought out. There’s sounds of the womb, vacuum cleaner, harp music and rain, each sound is accompanied by a soothing heartbeat sound. The harp music is my favourite and is very soothing, however P3 seems to take comfort from the womb sounds.

Ewan has a soft “pink” glow although is more red, which I’m assuming is to mimic the lights of the womb. It’s also very calming having a slight glow across her cot. I honestly can see that P3 is much calmer during the night with Ewan playing. I think he’s just utterly adorable and P2 quite enjoys a sneaky cuddle too.

Ewan costs £29.99 which is slightly above what I expected but with all the features and pure cuteness of Ewan I certainly think he should be put on the list for all new babies.


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