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Since having P2 I’ve posted about how she only poops every few days. Well today was that day. When she has her clear out it’s always quite a mess. When wearing disposables it would leak out of her nappy in all directions, onto her vest and of course her sleep suit/clothes. Yuck!

Well I was a bit nervous about starting our cloth nappy-ing today because she was definitely due a poop any time. As expected we experienced a lovely poopy cloth nappy. With zero leaks! Result!!! Serious result. Now ok, I may have just jinxed it but I’m utterly pleased.

I even used just two washable wipes rather than about 10 disposables. After just one day I can really see the benefits of going reusable/washable. I think it’s actually become a bit of an obsession.

At 20 years old ice accomplished breast feeding and am using cloth nappies!! My nan is very proud.

20130518-105531 PM.jpg

20130518-105538 PM.jpg

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  1. Yeah cloth!! On another note, what is P1’s cute barn she’s holding? Is that a lunch kit?? I love it!

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