Tackling Head Lice & Nits With Kit & Coco

During my own school years I was plagued by head lice. I remember many hours sitting in the bathroom with my mum combing through my head. I’d cry and I think she cried inside too. I also remember in primary school an idicent when I flicked my hair out of my eyes to find a head louse fall onto the paper in front of me. I don’t think anyone noticed but it was mortifying. I felt gross.

Somehow I managed to go seven and a half years of P1s life without her catching nits. I’ve been quite surprised by that seeing as she’s been in a childcare environment since she was ten months old. But this schooling year has been pretty horrendous for us, especially P1. I honestly think it’s partly my fault because I’ve been super slack on doing her hair and will more often than not, opt for a quick pony tail over my more favourite braiding options. 

I’ve been able to try out quite a few products over the many times P1 has caught head lice, got rid and then come back with them again a month or so later. I honestly feel like the many emails from the school urging parents to check their child’s hair just gets ignored, trashed or stuck in junk. It’s really irresponsible. I was pretty excited when Kit & Coco sent me their Complete Treatment kit to try out. The formula inside the treatments has no insecticides, no parabens and no alcohol. In fact it’s made from Coconut Oil.

So just in case you have never had or heard of head lice, a louse is a tiny brown insect that is about two to three milimeters in length. It attaches itself to the hair follicle. They fed themselves and survive for up to eight weeks by biting its host, you, three to four times a day. They lay round five eggs each day which are called nits and they are very hard to see as they are transparent until they hatch and become a grey/white colour. I was to totally grossed out by this information that comes with the Kit & Coco kit. I was most surprised that they actually bite you. The problem with head lice is that they crawl, not jump, from head to head and so school children are pretty popular targets for becoming hosts to these creatures.

In recent years there has been scientific evidence that head lice are now resistant to insecticide-based treatments and this may have been one of the reasons that we found getting rid of P1s head lice problems quite hard. A few weeks ago, I noticed the little crawling beasts in my beautiful toddlers hair. I ended up manually picking out around six of them whilst we sheepishly sat in playgroup. Funny enough Kit & Coco’s Complete Treatment arrived that day. The treatment kit contains four single dose treatment shampoo tubes, an applicator brush, a shower cap, a special lice and nits comb and one surprise which was some temporary tattoos.

The Kit & Coco Complete Treatmeat kit is definitely designed with children in mind. It would work best when done during bath time. You simply apply the single dose shampoo to your child’s damp hair with the applicator brush, pop on the shower cap and then wait either 15 minutes (you’ll have to do a second does around 10 days later) or 45 minutes. Then you rinse off the shampoo and there’s no need for further shampooing as the hair is left super clean. You then use the Nit comb to remove the dead lice and nits from the hair making sure you wipe the comb each time on a cloth.

I had my concerns about using a more natural product to remove head lice. I have always thought that chemicals would destroy the tiny creatures better but I was really pleasantly surprised at just how effective the Kit & Coco has been for my family. It killed and removed all head lice and nits, especially the 45 minute option which I was about to do with P3 as she quite likes having her hair played with and combed. Having coconut oil as an active ingredient for treatment of head lice meant that the girls hair was left shiny, soft and hydrated too.

This kit costs £15.75 which I think is brilliant for what is included, and you can also buy the refill pack of shampoos too for future infestations. Kit & Coco also have a special protector spray which I definitely need to get my hands on which can be sprayed before school and gives 24 hours of head lice protection. I was actually blogging the day we found out that we had yet another head lice problem which you can see below. I’m also going to be sharing my top tips for head lice prevention and getting rid of in the next few weeks so watch out for that too.

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Value For Money


A really natural and nourishing head lice and nits treatment. Fantastic accessories too.

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  1. Headlice are so awful. My mum works in a primary school and is constantly having to buy kits. But this one is fab! x

  2. This sounds like a great product and much kinder on their skin.

  3. I’m dreading my daughter getting headlice, we’ve been very lucky so far!

  4. we’ve only had one very small incident with headline but it is such a pest. I used tea tree essential oil but this sounds like a good alternative x

  5. I’ll have to remember this product as seems a lot kinder to little peoples heads 🙂

  6. Nits are the worst. I’m so glad you found something that works to combat them xx

  7. Oh gosh, headlice are such a nightmare! We had them a couple of years ago and with two of my three children now in school, I’m sure it won’t be long before we get them again! I hadn’t heard of this company before. Great to find a product that doesn’t have all the chemicals in them. x

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