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Fearing For Our Future – Another Terrorist Attack

I was woken up this morning to the sound of P2 shouting “Mummy” at 5:30am. This is normal and it’s something that drives me insane every single day. As I got back into bed I checked my phone and there was a notification from our lovely friend in Orlando. She asked if we were all ok and that she was …

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What’s Happening To Our Kids?

Lately I’ve come to notice a few things about the place I live in versus other towns. As a general, because obviously there’s always one, whenever we visit places near or around Sevenoaks, the children are so incredibly polite that it actually takes me by surprise sometimes. Little children asking if they can just pass across the zip wire before …

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Why Is Our World Like This?

It sends shivers down my spine to think about yesterday’s events in Woolwich. A solider was brutally murdered. It’s disgusting. The whole situation is disgusting. It always sickens me when people murder. My thoughts go to the families that get effected by that one person who takes it upon themselves to take someone else’s life! I think we are all …

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