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Special Needs Diary #9 – Homework

Dear Diary, I have huge concerns about P1s education. She doesn’t seem wired academically like I was. I always enjoyed school I think apart from the bullying and being picked on for being small. I did relatively well at learning when I wasn’t talking to my friends. But P1 is falling behind. Key Stage 2 is naturally harder than what …

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Special Needs Diary #8 – Back To School

Dear Diary, I have so many mixed feelings about this year ahead for P1. We now have a Year 3 pupil which means she’s now following the Key Stage 2 curriculum. Obviously that means she’ll be doing more focused learning rather than the play side of school now and there’s only four more years until she’s in secondary school. I …

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Special Needs Diary #7 – Going On Holiday

Dear Diary, I am writing this just four days after our big family holiday, but you most likely won’t be reading it until a few weeks later. Holidays are always something I really get anxious about with P1. As she’s getting older she is becoming more aware of her surroundings, she has preferences and can get rather emotional and hard …

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Special Needs Diary #6 – Pathological Demand Avoidance?

Dear Diary, As the weeks go by and especially now it’s the school holidays, I feel like I am learning more about P1. I read a lot of things now because I’m trying to fill my brain with the information that will be key to helping her. Something that has become evident to me is that I’m nearly certain that …

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Special Needs Diary #5 – Going To The Supermarket

Dear Diary, It’s very rare that P1 comes to a supermarket because we tend to do our food shopping during the week when she is at school. Now that it’s the school holidays I am seeing a new wall that P1 has to knock down or hide behind. I watched a short little clip on Facebook about disabilities not always …

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Special Needs Diary #2 – A Walk To School

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Dear Diary, A few weeks ago we didn’t have a car. We hadn’t had our own car for nearly eight weeks. At first we had a hire car so nothing really changed, then we borrowed our MiLs car but then we were left with nothing. We had no choice but to walk. We’d told P1 about the walking situation. That …

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