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MamaBabyBliss BabyBliss Baby Massage & Baby Yoga CD Review

When I lived in Essex I attended a Baby Yoga group every Tuesday. I loved it and so did P2. When the teacher went on maternity leave I felt a little lost. Googling yoga positions as there wasn’t a group near to our new home in Essex. Then I was contacted by MamaBabyBliss and met the wonderful ladies at The …

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“this is not any form of yoga. This is simply child abuse”

Sorry for the late night post but something’s ticked me off just a tad. During our nightly routine after we put P2 in her cot and snuggle down, my OH usually watches YouTube and I scroll through Facebook, Twitter and other blog posts. Only today I’m unusually reading a magazine when my OH nudges me to watch something. Here it …

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Baby Yoga

I hate Mother (Parent) and Baby Groups… As in I feel so uncomfortable about them not that there’s anything actually wrong with the groups. I always feel like people are watching me and judging me because I am a young Mum. I felt slightly out of place at the Breast Feeding group and thought I was definitely more suited to …

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