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We Lost Our February To A Chest Infection

I say it a lot but I really hate winter and cooler weather. It brings with it all the brilliant germs that seem to hang around for a while. In fact this time we lost an entire month to the nasty buggers. It started at the very end of January which feels like a life time ago now. P1 began …

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Christmas 2014

I sort of took a bit of an unexpected blogging break over Christmas. It wasn’t the plan and I wanted to blog but thanks to the newest update of the wordpress app, I’m unable to add featured images or any images without the app crashing. I wasn’t about to compromise on quality for the sake of a few posts so …

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Little Bit Angry With Judgemental Know It Alls

I recently came across what I thought was an amazing website when searching for breast feeding jewellery. It was a website for young parents. Kind of like a support group with lots of information. There was a link where you could contact them to join their team. I was definitely up for that. I’m very proud of what I have …

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