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Moving From Cot To Big Bed

When we moved P2 out of her cot and into a “big bed” we went about it completely the wrong way. When we found out about P3s impending arrival I panicked. We needed the cot that P2 inhabited for the new baby and we needed to do that before the new baby arrived so being the hormonal pregnant person I …

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“I’m feeling so much more calmer about space now”

When we first moved into our home we naturally took the bigger room as we were sharing with P2 in her cot and P1 had the smaller room, but after a suggestion by a sleep therapist that came over to assist with P2s stirring, we moved into the smaller room and the girls began their journey of sharing. It didn’t …

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John Lewis Anti-Allergy Duvet Review

Just before our move I was offered the chance of reviewing a duvet. I have a thing about my covers so I jumped at the opportunity. The 10.5 tog Double duvet arrived but I saved it for when we were in our new home so that everything could be fresh. From my past experience of duvets; the higher the tog, …

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