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Cracked And Sore

Three days of breastfeeding my nipples became very cracked and sore. Every time P2 latched I’d wince in pain and suffer the whole feed just wondering how long I could cope with this before I was forced to give up. On day four, we visited my MiL and she suggested a nipple cream and that although expensive, Lansinoh was a great product. …

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That’s Definitely Not A Boobie

There’s absolutely no way I’m anywhere near ready to give up breastfeeding. I’m completely in love with doing it. It feels so natural and the bond I have with P2 because of it is amazing. However, it’s been playing on my mind that P2 hates the dummy. Therefore I’m scared she’ll hate a bottle and desperately want her to try …

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Cluster Feed

I experienced a “cluster feed” last night. P2 fed for about two hours with little breaks. She then followed on with a rubbish night sleep. I received a leaflet from the hospital advising that as long as strict guidelines were followed, it’s absolutely fine to co sleep with a breastfed baby. I don’t think so… I need my sleep… Proper …

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