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Breast Feeding Support Group

I attended my first ever baby group this morning. It was a breast feeding support group. I don’t want to sound boastful, but I didn’t really need any support. My breast feeding experience has been pretty easy for the both of us, I have plenty of milk and P2 latches perfectly – the only niggle we’ve ever had was right at the …

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Formula Shortage In The UK

I just received an email from Aptamil about the recent lack of powdered milk in the UK. I thought I’d share this with you just incase you haven’t received or know the problems that have been caused: Dear Jodie, You may have seen news about the limits on buying baby milk this week and, as someone who has shown an …

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In My Bra

I’ve reviewed Lansinoh previously because I love their boobie products. I’ve been using their Breast pads for the past month. I’d been given a box and then they were on offer so I bought another box. They come in a box of 60. All individually wrapped (one packet is one pad). They are disposable. They have two adhesive strips. Stay …

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