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KBBF2013 – Breastfeeding Myths

I searched the internet for some, thinking there would only be a few but there are so many! I’ve managed to pick out a few of the ones I remember worrying about. This post, being the last one, took absolutely ages to put together. Many women do not produce enough milk. Wrong! The majority of mums produce more than enough …

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KBBF2013 – Breastfeeding Beyond A Year

I haven’t yet had the privilege of breastfeeding beyond a year. My views on the topic are quite mixed really. I want to let P2 wean off of me in her own time, I hate the thought of her being unhappy and needing me, but for me to refuse her my boob. But at the same time I can’t quite …

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KBBF2013 – Breast Milk Pumping

It’s very important for any breastfeeding mum to purchase a breast pump, a decent breast pump. I made this mistake this time round. For my first daughter, I expressed loads, I had to for her to survive. I used one in the hospital that was amazing, the Medela Electric, and I bought the same one for home use. I had …

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