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When Should I Stop Being Naked Around My Child?

** Warning this post is about penis’, vaginas and boobies ** As a woman, the moment you see that positive pregnancy test you are signing away any sort of dignity you ever had. Not just that all and sundry will get to see your lady bits during the 9 months of pregnancy but because as a mother you have an …

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KBBF2013 – Breastfeeding Myths

I searched the internet for some, thinking there would only be a few but there are so many! I’ve managed to pick out a few of the ones I remember worrying about. This post, being the last one, took absolutely ages to put together. Many women do not produce enough milk. Wrong! The majority of mums produce more than enough …

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Formula Shortage In The UK

I just received an email from Aptamil about the recent lack of powdered milk in the UK. I thought I’d share this with you just incase you haven’t received or know the problems that have been caused: Dear Jodie, You may have seen news about the limits on buying baby milk this week and, as someone who has shown an …

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