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Leftover Meal Using Eggs – Shortcut Eggspert Challenge September

According to WRAP (Waste & Resources Action Programme) the top food items that are not used in time are, and therefore thrown in the bin are: 1. Bread; 2. Milk; 3. Potatoes; 4. Bananas; 5. Carrots; 6. Pork/ham/bacon. With this in mind September’s Shortcut Eggspert Challenge with British Lion Eggs and BritMums was to create a meal using leftovers. In …

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Summer Outdoor Dining Using Eggs – Shortcut Eggspert Challenge June

This months challenge was to create a dish perfect for outdoor dining now that the weather is positively warmer the majority of the time. Now I had a little problem with this because we don’t actually have a garden so I had to slightly adapt the challenge and created something we could easily take with us on a picnic. Hubby …

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Family Meal Using Eggs – Shortcut Eggspert Challenge March

The Shopping List 2 medium sized eggs 2 sachets of ready made batter mix (I know that’s a bit of a cheat but they are seriously amazing and very cheap!) 400ml of cold water 14 sausages (I actually had two brands as I realised I only had 6 and needed to feed 5 people so ran to our off license) …

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