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Revamping The McDonald’s Happy Meal

I am definitely not ashamed to admit that my family love a McDonald’s. We don’t go often but I think it’s a great treat for the girls and have always loved the food. I was lucky enough to work with McDonald’s to go behind the scenes in one of their restaurants, hear about future plans (one of which happened to …

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IOW 2017 Day 3 – Model Village, Tapnell Farm & The Cow Co.

I woke up earlier than the day before. I decided to have a shower and whilst I was half way through shaving my legs, the fire alarm went off. This woke Hubby is a shock and he leaped out of bed to press the button. He ended up pressing it about ten times but it kept coming back on. So …

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American Inspired Staycation – #SantanderStaycation

Funny enough, P1 has just returned from a holiday, a full 9 days with her Grandparents. She stayed in the UK this time in a beautiful place in Gloucester. I am so jealous of her little trip away because we have put off a big, long family holiday for nearly three years. The main reason of course is the price. …

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