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My Sunday Photo 2018 – My Grandad’s In Hospital

Firstly, Happy Mother’s Day! I really haven’t felt like celebrating as it’s been a really hard week for me and my family. Many of you will know how much my lovely Grandad means to me. He’s been and is a huge part of my life, my childhood and my girls childhoods! My Grandad has been poorly for some time. It …

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I Had My Breasts Checked

I had the mirena coil fitted two, nearly three, years ago. It was fitted with the view to help my periods be less painful and less heavy. This worked but I’ve felt some major downsides since having it. Huge mood swings, spotty skin and completely irregular periods. About four months ago I began to experience what I thought was another …

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The Dangers Of Secondhand Smoke For Children

There’s definitely one opinion that I feel quite passionately about and that is smoking. I hate it and I just can’t understand why people would choose to slowly kill themselves for a habit. Not to mention the cost of it. It literally makes me fuming every time I see somebody smoking. Put that person near a child and the tension …

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