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Red Nose Day with Weetabix! Our Science Museum Experience

Weetabix have launched a new strawberry flavoured Weetabix for Red Nose Day. I’m sure you’ve seen the little Red Noses plastered over the packaging of the popular Weetabix products as part of their “Pick Your Nose” campaign. For every pack sold there will be a 5p donation made to Comic Relief, plus there’s prizes to be won!! There is a …

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Real Mums All-Bran 5-Day Challenge

Do you ever get a funny feeling in your tummy or about your tummy? Well I know I certainly do which is most likely linked to my pregnancy! I was challenged by Kellogg’s and the wonderful people at BritMums to take the All-Bran 5-Day Challenge. Did you know that 90 to 95 per cent of the ‘happy’ hormone serotonin is …

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