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Would You Get Your Child’s Ears Pierced?

Earing piercing in children is certainly a contraversial topic. It’s been labelled as child abuse and parents that get their children’s ears pierced are very openly abused themselves with hurtful comments. I’m one of those parents. I had P1s ears pierced at 6 months old, I wanted her to have the choice of whether she wanted to wear earrings as …

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“this is not any form of yoga. This is simply child abuse”

Sorry for the late night post but something’s ticked me off just a tad. During our nightly routine after we put P2 in her cot and snuggle down, my OH usually watches YouTube and I scroll through Facebook, Twitter and other blog posts. Only today I’m unusually reading a magazine when my OH nudges me to watch something. Here it …

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When Facebook Never Ceases To Surprise

Touchy subject. Upsetting. Disgusting. Disgraceful. Do I really need to go on? Any parent – well any person – would agree with me that there is absolutely no excuse for child abuse. I was a victim of child abuse at just 10 days old by my real dad. This caused my family huge heart ache and long battles with social services. …

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