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Kids Bedroom Makeover Challenge With George ASDA

Having three girls makes room decorating pretty simple as they all tend to love the same thing at the same time at the moment. We currently have all three girls sharing a room which they are outgrowing rapidly. We think our eldest has autism and so in an ideal world I would love for her to have her own bedroom. …

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Children’s Bedroom Tour With Potwells

A few weeks ago we made the pretty big decision to move the bedrooms around so that all three girls were sharing. Yes, you probably think we’re mad considering two of three girls still do not sleep through the night. But actually things are going pretty well. Recently we were sent some storage solutions from Potwells and so I thought …

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“A perfect little girls room”

We’ve done the room transition and swap around. I say we… It was actually my hubby and SFiL. I just had the task of tidying up afterwards. We had to cram all of P1s toys into the bathroom so we could move it all over. I haven’t got any before photos. My hubby, P2 and I was in the big …

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