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What I Read My Kids In A Week

A bit of a different post from me today. I wanted to share with you what we read in a week. When P1 was much younger I didn’t like reading at bedtime. Bedtime was always quite horrific in this house so reading became a treat thing, rather than a joyous and bonding experience. I have always loved books so I …

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Little Tiger Christmas Collection

Each Christmas I get the girls some winter themed books to get them in the spirit of Christmas. Although Hubby is very much into technology, I am still a complete lover of books and the girls are beginning to get a huge collection. This Christmas we have been sent a beautiful collection of books from Little Tiger. The Night Before …

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What We Are Reading

Reading is so important to me through blogging and through my writing but it’s also something I want my children to enjoy and so far they all love books. P1 has started to read her own stories or at least give them a good go. P2 has finally started to sit still for a full story and P3 loves to …

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