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Books To Empower Children

We are a week into the second lockdown in the UK, lockdown 2.0, and this lockdown does feel extremely different from the first one. I am extremely invested in making sure my girls are happy and thriving through this second lockdown and of course beyond that too. A great way to help children with their learning is to read books. We …

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To My Princesses – Letter 5

To my Princesses, It really feels like we haven’t stopped this past week! I started a challenge to help with the amount of shouting I do, and that’s also had quite an impact this week. I really want to be the best Mummy I can be and I know I fail at it, especially recently. I have got into more …

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Challenge Day#8

I think we may be starting to see a difference in P1 since I’ve stopped, no.. reduced my shouting. Today, well today was amazing!! She got dressed without a fight, even her shoes, she went to nursery happy and when I picked her up she was fantastic too!! So much so that I treated her to the circus (a post …

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