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Reflecting On The End Of Nursery For My Middle Baby

After experiencing being a working Mum with P1, I was fortunate enough to be able to make the decision to be a stay at home Mum with P2. I was going to be the one to watch her do all of those first things and be the one who had taught her. At some point during her first two years …

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Brand New Project Mc2 On Netflix!

We have only recently delved our eyes into the world of Project Mc2. P1 was really happy to receive another package from them to celebrate the release of a special new episode on Netflix from 14 February. We were given some popcorn and one of the new Project Mc2 Dolls With Experiments to try.  The six main characters in the …

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18/31: What Do You Collect?

Today’s prompt was a bit difficult. What do you collect? I don’t have a secret stash of stamps somewhere, or buttons or elastic bands for that matter. The one thing I do have quite a few of and am quite passionate about is nail varnish. My collection is quite limited but it’s something I’m always growing and really appreciate receiving …

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