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Moving From Cot To Big Bed

When we moved P2 out of her cot and into a “big bed” we went about it completely the wrong way. When we found out about P3s impending arrival I panicked. We needed the cot that P2 inhabited for the new baby and we needed to do that before the new baby arrived so being the hormonal pregnant person I …

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Green Sheep Baby Twist Natural Latex Cot Bed Mattress Review

Nearly a year ago P2 abandoned her cotbed and made the transition to a mattress on the floor. That sounds so awful and she’s still there but it has prevented her falling out of the bed which is great. Since then the cot has been a dumping ground, in fact it was stacked higher than me of bin bags with …

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“Moving into a big girls bed!”

With our third baby’s arrival fast approaching we thought it was about time that we started making the changes in the sleep arrangements for the girls, well P2 actually. We’d decided that instead of getting a new bunk bed that we’d be cost effective and just put a standard single mattress on the floor for P2 under P1s high sleeper …

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