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“Mummy! Milky”

I hear the words “Mummy! Milky” day in and day out. It’s a 24/7 occurrence and it comes out of two of my three darling daughters mouths. I honestly feel like I’m going crazily insane about it. It’s controlling nearly every breath I take and I am so tired. I’ll start with P2 seeing as that issue has been the …

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Arla Big Milk Review

Milk seems to be the bane of my life at the moment. I seem to spend so much time making formula milk for P3 and receiving demand after demand for “a big one milk bottle” from P2. Then there’s P1 who really should be having more for her bone strength and growth. P2 is addicted to cows milk in a …

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How much milk should my child be having in a day?

Milk has always been a big part of P2s day. She uses it for thirst and she uses it to fall asleep. When we were having a bad bedtime she ended up drinking two full 9oz bottles and it led us to question exactly how much she should be having in a day. Hubby did lots of research on this …

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