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Blown Away At Heights Of Abraham

I love mornings when we are on holiday. It’s just the best feeling to be less hectic and needing to be somewhere at exactly the right time. Staying at Pinelodge Holidays Darwin Forest allowed us to still feel like that even though we had lots planned to visit. On the Wednesday, and half way through our holiday in the Peak …

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Child Car Safety – The Law

This morning whilst scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed like I do every morning a photo caught my eye. I felt angry and upset. I was upset at the situation inside the picture and angry that this person thinks it’s ok to put it on Facebook showing clear neglect for their children. It was a photo showing two children of different …

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“What will P2 be getting for her birthday? Stairgates”

Following P1s concussion on Tuesday; we kept her off of school Wednesday. Really she was absolutely fine but with her being sick and my fear of something drastic going wrong I just wanted her under my watchful eye. The school phoned us. They are adamant that the hospital is wrong. They claimed that the accident could not have caused concussion. …

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