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Playbrush Toothbrush Review

As a child, I used to hate brushing my teeth. It was the one part of the day that was pretty tiresome and boring. These days there are so many options to help combat that boredom with many apps, colourful character toothbrushes and reward charts. However, my girls are following my path of finding the whole process a chore. I …

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Caring For The First Tooth With Nelsons® Teetha®

By the time your child is around 2 and a half they should have all their milk teeth but there is no set date for this to happen. Unfortunately they don’t all just pop out in one go and there isn’t even a rough period of when they’ll get their very first tooth. Teething can be stressful right from the …

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Rockabilly Kids Toothbrush Review

Both my girls are obsessed with toothbrushes. I’ve never had an issue with trying to get them to clean their teeth and I feel quite lucky about that. Dental hygiene becomes yet another worry parents face right from when they cut their very first tooth and with so many products out there it can become quite a nightmare… That’s just …

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