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Becoming Domesticated & A Chance To Win Vanish Products

I have never been domesticated. In fact I am pretty sure that it is allergic to me, or the other way round as whenever I do start cleaning I sneeze and get puffy eyes. My bedroom was always a complete pig sty growing up. I was a typical teen that refused to tidy up the floordrobe, or the hundreds of …

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Organisation Is The Key

I’ve started to organise my life a little and try get back on track with being a domestic goddess… Then maybe my OH will allow me to have the extra maternity leave. Here’s my folder I’ve created. I would love to hear everyone’s tips on keeping a house tidy and in working order. You can purchase my eBook here: Becoming …

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Mini Domestic Goddess

Today has been a good day. A very good day! I got to wake up with a very well behaved daughter. I got to have a very nice relaxing day. I got to receive great news that P1 had been well behaved at nursery. I got to have a stress free afternoon and evening with P1 who was being a …

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