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“We picked up our double stroller”

I now have two daughters under the age of two. There’s actually 19 months 3 weeks and 2 days between P2 and P3. We debated for a long time whether we’d need a double pushchair. I’d researched many brands and had one that I desperately wanted, the Mountain Buggy Duet. I wanted a side-by-side double. I’d borrowed a tandem style …

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Pregnancy Diaries – 15 Weeks #3

It seems a little surreal that I’m only 5 weeks away from being half way through my pregnancy!! I was looking back on my pregnancy photos with P2 and I had quite a clear “baby bump” by 16 weeks. Well right now I simply look like I’ve eaten too many cakes. There isn’t a hard baby bump appearing at all!! …

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“When we go back to Essex every Saturday it just doesn’t feel the same”

I keep getting asked about my move from Essex to Kent. Why I did it? How’s it been? Have I settled? etc etc. Losing my Nan so close to move county’s has be tough, real tough, but there’s absolutely nothing I regret. Everything’s different over here. It’s cleaner, it’s prettier, the petrol is more expensive, Tesco & Sainsburys have Fast …

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