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When Will Winter & Spring Finish Their Arguing?

Seriously Spring time, grow some balls and kick this Winter away sooner rather than later. So in case you are not living in the UK, we are currently living in an icy, snowy, winter wonderland yet again. It’s hard to believe that the photos in this blog post were taken on Friday. On Friday, I found myself outside without my …

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5 Important Things To Remember For Your Big Day

The weeks of taking lessons, practicing what you’ve been taught, learning your Highway Code and preparing for the driving theory test is about to hopefully pay off. The next step is to pass your practical driving test to enjoy the freedom and independence driving affords you.  Being prepared both physically and mentally is the key to giving yourself the best …

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What’s With This English Weather?!

It snowed today. I swear this English weather is just so confused! We first decided to keep P1 home from nursery as my OH didn’t want me driving in this weather with P2 being poorly. But when his attempt to work failed miserably after half an hour of trying to get out of the petrol station he decided to take …

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