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Losing Motivation & Visiting The Ducks

I’ve been really struggling this winter to find the motivation for adventures. Our year last year was so busy and full of fun exciting things that when the cold hit, I wanted to hibernate through it and chill out. P2 had a full month off nursery and we got into a bit of a lazy routine of pyjama days, movies …

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My Sunday Photo – 29/03/2015

I’ve seen so many bloggers joining in with a Sunday photo linky so here’s mine: I chose this picture as with P1 a school the majority of the week it feels like we hardly ever get to spend any real time with her. Yesterday, at our local duck pond that we always go to, they were holding a model boat …

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“The weather has been truly glorious this past week!”

I’m going to jinx this so I apologise in advance, but the weather has been truly glorious this past week! We aren’t lucky enough to have a garden with our house so getting outdoor time has been tricky. We are fortunate enough to have a few parks and a nature trail nearby and we’ve made full use of those lately. …

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