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“Half way through the film hubby came up with pizza”

Today was a good day… Apart from the morning and bedtime. But hey ho! We went back to Essex to visit Hubby’s family. It was a mad rush in the morning to get everything ready and rather stressful which didn’t help when P1 was really trying us both! But when we got there we really enjoyed ourselves. All four of …

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John Lewis Anti-Allergy Duvet Review

Just before our move I was offered the chance of reviewing a duvet. I have a thing about my covers so I jumped at the opportunity. The 10.5 tog Double duvet arrived but I saved it for when we were in our new home so that everything could be fresh. From my past experience of duvets; the higher the tog, …

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OCD – It’s A Real Thing!

I think I have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder when it comes to my bed covers. In fact I know I do. I have absolutely no idea what started it, where it comes from, all I know is that if I see mattress, covers aren’t straight or the duvet is making its way out of the cover I get a horrible tightening …

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