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Siblings 2016 – July

I say it every month but this year is just zooming past at a super rapid speed. We are in the seventh month which of course means we are now over half way through 2016. Personally I’m already looking forward to Christmas but I’ll try keep that one quiet for now. So we are on to the next lot of …

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Strawberry Picking As A Family

Our weekdays are so busy with one of the girls doing various activities or blog events, friends and playgroups. It’s hard to keep track of things and so when it comes to the weekend my head is telling me to spend it in my pyjamas doing absolutely nothing. But actually our weekends are precious because apart from the couple of …

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Embracing My Middle Daughter

I frequently forget to focus on all the great things my girls do. Instead getting fixated on the bad, the naughty behaviour or habits they have. Stuck in the same rut of routine and the battle of bedtime. But it’s the start of our Easter holidays, well for P2 anyway as her nursery always breaks up a week earlier than …

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