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KBBF2013 – Breast Milk Pumping

It’s very important for any breastfeeding mum to purchase a breast pump, a decent breast pump. I made this mistake this time round. For my first daughter, I expressed loads, I had to for her to survive. I used one in the hospital that was amazing, the Medela Electric, and I bought the same one for home use. I had …

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That’s Definitely Not A Boobie

There’s absolutely no way I’m anywhere near ready to give up breastfeeding. I’m completely in love with doing it. It feels so natural and the bond I have with P2 because of it is amazing. However, it’s been playing on my mind that P2 hates the dummy. Therefore I’m scared she’ll hate a bottle and desperately want her to try …

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Breast Is Best – Or Just Embarassing

I’ve chosen to breastfeed P2!! Believe it or not it wasn’t an easy decision for me. I had chosen to bottle feed P1 – but when she arrived early I knew I had to express my milk to give her the best start. Without a doubt breastfeeding has better health benefits than bottle feeding both for mum and baby. But …

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